DI 140501 : VNG NysStar II Système binoculaire (matériel uniquement), avec câble USB (4.5 m) pour connexion sur PC

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    DI 140501 : VNG NysStar II Système binoculaire (matériel uniquement), avec câble USB (4.5 m) pour connexion sur PC
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    The videonystagmography performed by a camera and infra red light measures and records the eye movement, which is analyzed by the software. NYSSTAR II is the essential tool to study the various functions of balance, namely the oculomotricity (ocular saccades, pursuit, optokinetic nystagmus) and the study of the vestibular system (spontaneous and positional nystagmi, rotary tests, caloric tests. NYSSTAR II is a nystagmography system and is able to record simultaneously both eyes movements, as well horizontal, as vertical. The calibration carried out by camera is stable and should only be made once at the beginning of the examination. The recording by camera removes all artefacts due to the changes of polarity between the electrodes and the skin like with the interferences of electric and electrophysiological origin.


    NYSSTAR II has to be accompanied by a software. Two possibilities are available: EasyVNG or DISOFT II. Easy VNG is a simple click and play solution. DISOFT II is the fully configurable and customizable software. Both are powerful data-processing softwares, which simplifiy the task of the doctor. According to the tests carried out, the software analyzes and measures various parameters:

    • number of jolts or ocular movements

    • amplitude, frequency

    • slow phase speed of nystagmus

    • latency, phase, distortion

    • gain

    • symmetry or asymmetry of the responses

    • paresis or labyrintic hypoexitability, directional

    • preponderance of nystagmus

    • measure of ocular fixation indices


    NYSSTAR II is based on two USB cameras. Connected to a computer, they permit to localize the center of each pupil in real time. NYSSTAR II is provided in its case with its accessories: mask with two cameras, cap and USB interface.


    • Number of channels: up to 4 (horizontal and/or vertical, on each eye)

    • Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels on each eye

    • Sampling rate: 50 Hz - 200 Hz (option)

    • Connection: USB 2.0

    • 100-240V - 50/60Hz 0.5A

    • Requires a computer following Difra's specification available on request

    NYSSTAR II meets EN 60601-1 Standard and Directive 93/42/EEC.

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