The AquaStar is specifically designed to provide a reliable and affordable solution for vestibular testing.

The AquaStar, proven thousands of times in practice for more than 10 years, guarantees a high degree of reproducibility thanks to constant temperature and water flow.

This water irrigator is precise, practical and safe.

The AquaStar offers lots of possibilities for caloric testing: easy to use, high precision temperature regulation.

The handle and its double pipe enable direct stimulation with water at the correct temperature. Its removable canula and disposable silicone tips allow an easy management of hygiene.

AquaStar is ideal when water can be used for stimulation in examination rooms where water inlet and outlet are available.

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4 user programmable temperature that can be set with an increment of 0.2°C


Default precise flow rate of 350ml to ensure a correct  irrigation


Audio cues indicating start and end of irrigation   Indicating also start and stop of ocular fixation



Absolute accuracy of ±0.6°C and a stability of ±0.3°C meaning of a reliable irrigation


Light, compact and ergonomic handle for the greatest confort during your irrigation


Stretched extruded hose to easily reach the patient's ear accross an exam table

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