DiSoft II

Software update information page


Version 2.00

New features

Revisited Screens for a Touch Screen approach

    Bigger icons and button, touch and move lists, context menu icons, ...

Quality test information

    Information about the quality of test realisation is display on test icon just at the end of recording.

New Virtual Reality device for SVV supported

New ENG/VNG Free Test

    You can now record any test witch if is not planned in the software.

SQL Query Editor

    SQL order can be used on any Data Base to extract data according your own criteria.

Separate Scales and screen layout for each VNG test.

    Scales and layout of the record screen can be define differently for each test and memorise.

Reports screen preview are now faster

Rhinomanometry 4 Phases analysis

    Regarding international guideline, the 4 phases analysis of Rhinomanometry and all its parameters are now available in a dedicated report.

New search Patient / Visits tools

    The search function is now extend on any field (also user field) on patient or/and visit data.