DI 040002 : Sinewave rotary chair with well-off seat

DI 040002 : Sinewave rotary chair with well-off seat

Damped sinusoidal rotary test

Swing is the basic kinetic stimulator. It provides a damped sinusoidal stimulation to the patient.

Swing is made up of a seat, a foot and a pendulum.The chair with reclining back rest is for the realization of the caloric tests in lying position.


Based on a mechanic principle, the movement followed by this chair is a damped sinusoidal movement.

This movement has a period of 20 seconds, almost not depending on the patient's weight.


For more safety, an electromagnetic brake is applied to block the armchair when the patient takes place.

This brake is also used when you wish to stop the movement of the chair.

A remote control with two buttons permits to block or resolve the movement of the chair and to switch on or off a fixation led. A mechanical limit prevents the chair from carrying out a movement of an amplitude higher than 360°.

Disoft II

Swing has a connection to the NAC network which can be connected with the software DISOFT II for rotary tests.

Technical specification

  • Power supply: 230V or 115V - 50/60Hz

  • Number of periods: 16

  • Oscillation period: 20 sec. ±0.5 sec.

  • Range of remote control: 15 m

  • Weight: 200 kg

  • All out dimensions circle: Ø130 cm

Swing meets EN 60601-1 Standard and Directive 93/42/EEC.


Swing exists also with fixed back rest.