DI 073010 : Vertitest II Subjective verticality, USB or NAC

DI 073010 : Vertitest II Subjective verticality, USB or NAC

Subjective verticality

Vertitest II is a measurement device to perform the "Verticality" testing. It consists in the measurement of the subjective vertical of a patient. By means of a remote control, the patient has to place in vertical position a laser straight line projected on a wall.

Perception of what is vertical depends not only on visual information but also on proprioceptive sensory information and vestibular information.  In case of acute otolithic dysfunction, the line deviates on the side of the unilateral vestibular loss.


The patient sits in the darkness facing a screen or a wall on which a luminous line is projected, positioned with ±30° towards the right or the left side. The line is then the only bench mark of the patient; what guarantees the best conditions with your test. The patient uses his infra-red remote control at two speeds to turn visual stimulation.


  • Laser diode of low power for more safety.

  • Completely autonomous remote control for the doctor with a 4-dgits digital display panel, (de-)activation of the beam, positioning of the line at high speed.

  • Memory FLASH for the recording of the calibrated position. Finished having to calibrate your apparatus before each use or after a power cut!

Vertitest II also makes it possible to carry out the test under the same conditions compared to a horizontal reference.

Disoft II

Vertitest II can also be connected in real time to the Disoft II software via your NAC installation. The software receives and controls all the parameters of the apparatus, manages your patient file, the recording and the printing of the results.

Technical specification

  • Input voltage: 230V - 50Hz

  • Power supply: 50 W

  • Angular accuracy: 0.1°

  • Angular velocities: 0.88 or 3.75°/s

  • Laser power: 2.5 mW (Class IIIa)

  • Beam length at a distance of 2 meters: 1.5 m

  • Connection: NAC

  • Weight: 2.5 kg

  • Size: 300 x 250 x 70 mm (W x D x H)

Vertitest II meets EN 60601-1 Standard and Directive 93/42/EEC.