ODI 200400-OAE : Neuro-Audio-Screen (OAE only)

ODI 200400-OAE : Neuro-Audio-Screen (OAE only)

          PEA / BERA, PDEOA & EOA all-in-one portable hearing screening device

          General Properties

          Neuro-Audio-Screen - autonomous and portable system. It allows to choose the type of examination, to enter the patient data, to control the registration process to display the registered exams, and to access the registered exam database. It is possible to archive test results on an external PC.

          The results can be printed on a portable printer via Bluetooth wireless interface.


          • Early auditory evoked response potential / brainstem evoked response audiometry (PEA / BERA)

          • Transient evoked acoustic oto emission (EOAET)

          • Oto acoustic emission distortion product (PDEOA)