INV10145 : Harp Basic Diagnostic audiometer

INV10145 : Harp Basic Diagnostic audiometer

Harp is an advanced diagnostic audiometer, capable of performing fast and accurate air, bone and speech audiometric exams, as well as several additional tests including a two-channel master hearing aid.Top-level features combined with ease of use and portability make Harp the ideal choice for a wide range of users, from hearing aid dispensers to audiologists, clinics and hospitals.

The test

Besides the standard threshold exams, Harp also performs Hughson-Westlake automated audiometry, speech audiometry, ABLB, SISI, Stenger, DLI, Tone Decay tests and includes a 2 channels Master Hearing Aid. In addition, TEN test and QuickSIN are available upon request only for the Plus model.

Embedded speech material

No more external player headaches! Harp Plus features an integrated 2 GB flash memory for storing your speech material. Dedicated buttons allow you to access word lists with ease. The screen also displays the word currently being pronounced.

The display

Harp features a large, bright graphic color display, on which you can view the complete audiogram during the examination.

Portable system

Despite its top-level features, Harp is ultra-compact and easily transportable. It even comes with a dedicated carrying case (optional).

NOAH & Maestro integration

Simply connect Harp to a USB port on your computer (no driver needed), and you can transfer exam results into Maestro or Noah database. And with the live view feature, you can have a wide view of the examination in progress on the computer display.

Hybrid technology

Harp features Inventis Hy-Tech: you can decide whether to operate it in the traditional way (stand-alone mode) or control it through the computer.