DI 071203 : Stabilomobile V2.1 with VisioBox and video projector

DI 071203 : Stabilomobile V2.1 with VisioBox and video projector

Dynamic platform

The Stabilomobile enables to perform posturography under static and dynamic situations. Three force sensors transcript movements from patient and four pneumatic jacks enable to move the system to unbalance the patient. Moreover patient's diagnostics, the Stabilomobile allows the rehabilitation of balance system by training patients to different stimuli.

Ease of use

Install the patient on the footsteps and instruct him to remain the most motionless possible on the plate. The patient will be exposed to two type of stimuli: plate movements and visual stimuli. All these situations can be combined giving 21 different situations.

Disoft software

Patient's balance will be monitored through the software in real time. The software displays the position of the foot pressure's center that can be assimilated, under conditions, to the vertical projection of the gravity center. These data will be analyzed and following results will be proposed:


  • Statokinesigram

  • Surface

  • Length

  • LFS

  • Stabilogram

  • Romberg quotient

  • FFT*

  • Correlations*

  • VFY*

(*) Available soon

Technical specification

  • Sampling frequency: 50 Hz

  • Cut-off frequency of the low-pass filters: 200 Hz

  • Number of sensors: 3

  • Measure accuracy: 1%

  • 4 pneumatic jacks

  • Silent compressor

  • Using range: For patient up to 150 kg

  • OS: Windows XPPro

  • Connection: Difra NAC Bus

  • Weight: 75 kg

  • Size: 115 x 120 x 140 cm (W x D x H)

Stabilomobile meets EN 60601-1 Standard and Directive 2007/47/EC.